Hygiene of the oral cavity

For pacients




Correct and full oral hygiene is one of the major efforts that you require in the treatment process. Also, remember: if you come to the doctor with uncleaned teeth, do not be offended if the doctor refuses to accept you.

  • It is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal, if you do not have such an opportunity, you should at least rinse your mouth and use a pocket brush-brush to remove the remains of food that are stuck in the bracket system.
  • Full cleaning of teeth should take at least 10 minutes. First, you should have two brushes: one of the usual size, soft, but with a narrower bristle than the usual brush, and another small kind of yorzhika - a special orthodontic brush, with a case, it is comfortable to wear everywhere. with a.
  • With a large brush you clean the cervical, chewing, palatine and tongue surfaces of each tooth; For this, you hold the brush at an angle to the cleaned surface, and move each tooth from the top down (from the cervical tooth to the cutting surface). Then take a little yorzhik and clean them all the parts of the bracelet and all the spaces under the arc, on the tooth and between the teeth. All this needs to be done so that after this stage there are no visible pieces of food and plaque on teeth and braces. You must carefully examine all teeth and bracket-system - everything has to shine.
  • After that you take floss (hard dental floss) and clean the interdental spaces. If you do not know how to use it all - ask your doctor - it will show you everything.
  • If you can not completely clean your teeth for any reason, you can use the Water Pik hygienic apparatus for oral care, which is ideally suited for orthodontic treatment. Water Pik is an oral irrigator, the essence of the device lies in the fact that from the reservoir under pressure is fed a pulsating jet of water, which, without injuring gums, washing out all the remains of food from hard-to-reach places, as well as massaging the gums.
  • If you have an electric toothbrush, you can use it instead of the usual one.