Statute of All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of orthodontics of Ukraine" (new edition)



1.1. All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine" (hereafter referred to as the "Association", or "AOU") is an all-Ukrainian public association based on individual membership, which unites on the basis of unity of interests and on the basis of the professional character of individuals - doctors of orthodontist dentistry for realization of the purposes and tasks stipulated by this Statute.

1.2. The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations", other acts of the current legislation of Ukraine, this Statute and internal documents of the Association, approved in accordance with the procedure established by this Charter.

1.3. The Association is created and operates on the basis of voluntary, equal rights of its members, self-government, legality, lack of property interests of its members, transparency, openness and publicity. The association is free to choose the directions of its activities.

1.4. The Association's activities are carried out on the territory of Ukraine through the created separate divisions of the Association.

1.5. The Association acquires the rights of a legal entity from the moment of its state registration, may have current, deposit (deposit) accounts and other accounts with banks, their stamp, stamps, forms with their name, emblem and other symbols, the samples of which are approved by the Coordination Council of the Association, independent balance and have other features that are defined for legal entities by the current legislation of Ukraine. The symbol is registered in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation.

1.6. The Association has the right to create separate subdivisions on the territory of Ukraine for the implementation of the Association of its activities; create and be a member of other non-profit organizations, unite in unions formed on a voluntary basis and contribute to the implementation of the statutory tasks of the Association; enter into contracts, including co-operation agreements and mutual assistance.

1.7. The Association interacts with state bodies, scientific institutions, educational establishments, enterprises, other public associations, including international ones, as well as citizens and stateless persons.

1.8. The Association is a non-profit company whose primary purpose is not profit making. The activities of the Association are of a social nature, which does not contradict the interaction with public authorities, close contact with other legal entities of public and private law and individuals.

1.9. The Association is not responsible for obligations of the state, and the state is not responsible for the obligations of the Association. The Association is responsible for its obligations with all its property, which can be recovered in accordance with the law. Members of the Association are not liable for the obligations of the Association, and the Association is not responsible for the obligations of its members.

1.10. The Association is created for an indefinite period.

1.11. The full name of the Association in Ukrainian: All-Ukrainian NGO "ASSOCIATION OF ORDODONTS OF UKRAINE". Abbreviated title in Ukrainian: AOU.