History of AUO

22 05.1999

In the city of Lviv, a constituent assembly of orthodontist doctors was held, attended by representatives of 14 cities of Ukraine. At the meeting, the decision was made to establish the Association of Ukranian Orthodontists (AUO) in the Association of Ukrainian Dentists (AUD), approved the draft Statute of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine, was elected unanimously by the President of the Association - Flis Petr Semenovich.

Elected in 1999, the Board of the AUO:

• FLS P.S. (Kiev)
• Drogomyretska MS (Lviv)
• King M.D. (Poltava)
• Pokrovsky MM (Lviv)
• Repuzhinsky Y.M. (Odesa)

The AAssociation of Ukranian Orthodontists addressed the AUD Presidium to approve the AUO as a collective member and approve the decision of the AUO's constituent assembly.


At the first congress of ASU was unanimously approved all adopted at the constituent assembly AUO position


The first international conference "Actual problems of orthodontics" was held, which was organized by AUO. The conference was attended by guests from Austria, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Armenia, who made interesting presentations. During the conference, the Chief Dentist of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel Kamalov R. Kh., was additionally elected to the Presidium of the AUO.

According to the AUO statute in 2002, the second international conference of the AUO was held in Lviv.


The third AUO international conference was held during the ACU Congress in Kyiv. AUO closely cooperated and continues to cooperate with international associations of Europe, America and CIS countries.


With the support and support of the AUO, the international magazine AUO "Modern Orthodontics" was founded.

02 10.2011

The Ukrainian House became the meeting place of orthodontist doctors at the 2nd congress of the Association of Ukranian Orthodontists. On this day, delegates from the regions of Ukraine and Kyiv met. The main issues raised for discussion were:

  • report by the president of AUO, professor Flis P.S., for three years of activity;
  • report of the Audit Committee of the AUO;
  • amendments to the statute of the AUO;
  • election of AUO members and election of the president of the Association of Ukranian Orthodontists.

After the discussions and voting on all of the above issues, a secret ballot was held, at which the delegates of the Second congress elected MS. Drogomyretsky president of AUO.

Exclusive photos from the constituent assembly of orthodontist doctors, during which the decision was made to establish the Association of Ukranian Orthodontists (Lviv, 1999).