Brain-System Patients

For pacients




  • In the first two days after the setting of the braces or the replacement of the arc or activation of it, pain may occur, this will take place within 1-1,5 days independently; To eliminate these feelings you can take 1 tab. Aspirin 0.5, or analgesic Ketanov 2 tab. day;
  • in case if you have loosened the brace or other element of the system, and if some element of the system injures the mucous membrane of the mouth - do not try on their own or with the help of hand tools to remove the remaining items of equipment - it is better to contact a doctor before the appointed term of the visit;
  • if you swallow a braided strap, or a button - do not panic and do not call for ambulance - these elements of the system do not cause traumatic effects on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and made of bioinert material;
  • in the case of uncomfortable feelings associated with the contact of elements of the bracelet system with the mucous membrane of the mouth, isolate these elements with special wax;
  • do not miss the scheduled visits to a doctor without compelling reasons - this will adversely affect the timing and outcome of the treatment;
  • If you are planning a trip or you need to leave immediately, report it to your doctor and come to the reception before departure;
  • place a separate notebook or notebook in which to write down all your questions to the doctor, the time of your next visit, if you wear a subterranean device (face mask, main thrust), elasticity - enter in the notebook the mode of wearing this equipment, the fixture scheme; and also keep a diary of your real mode of wearing these items; You also need to keep records if you have a miogimnastic.